In December 2020, the World Health Organisation published WHO Guidance on Implementing Regulatory Requirements for Biosafety and Biosecurity in Biomedical Laboratories – A Stepwise Approach. In order to assist users with the more practical aspects of developing and implementing a comprehensive regulatory system, this document describes some of the frequently encountered challenges and barriers to improving biosafety and biosecurity at the national and institutional level. In keeping with the practical approach adopted by this Guidance, it also presents a seven-step plan for developing and implementing laboratory biosafety and biosecurity regulations. Regular and comprehensive assessment of the dual-use potential of laboratory activities is recommended, in order to reduce the risk posed by research that can be used to do harm. Periodic training that emphasises risk-based safety and dual-use research potential should be promoted for all stakeholders, including scientists, academics and regulatory officers in order to increase awareness and understanding of new and emerging threats to biosafety and biosecurity.

The Guidance document is available here.

Source: WHO

Image: Pixabay