Modern chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats are multifaceted which can make them difficult to predict and counter. Ensuring sustainable capacities for tackling CBRN threats at the national level requires an all-hazard approach to the mitigation of CBRN risks regardless of their origins, i.e. whether these occur as a result of natural phenomena, such as disasters, or as a result of accidents, or misuse.

The international conference Countering the misuse of CBRN materials and related information took place on 23 November 2022 within the framework of the MASC-CBRN initiative. The goal of the conference was to advance dialogue on emerging CBRN threats and foster the exchange of experience and promising practices for enhancing preparedness and response to deliberate CBRN events. The event was held online via the Zoom platform.

Agenda (Adobe PDF, 354 KB)

The recordings of the conference proceedings could be accessed here:

Conference presentations

CBRN terrorist threat overview (Adobe PDF, 1.42 MB)

Biological weapons and public health: challenges and opportunities (Adobe PDF, 681 KB)

Toxic chemicals and evolving risks of misuse (Adobe PDF, 210 KB)

Toxin and bioregulator weapons: preventing the misuse of the chemical and life sciences (Adobe PDF, 1.91 MB)

Russian allegations of biological weapon activities in Ukraine (Adobe PDF, 909 KB)

RDD, IND, and dirty bombs: old and new risks, detection and protection methods and techniques to reduce the related risk (Adobe PDF, 2.43 MB)

Mapping CBRN security capacity at the national level (Adobe PDF, 1.99 MB)